A better place to work

Together with the best cafes in the city we provide ideal working conditions.
Best coffee, better WiFi, and people that believe in enhanced work surrounding.

Explore Belgrade

or at +381 64 1513 600 (call, Viber, WhatsApp)

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Would you like to change your routine, and stop working completely alone? Join us at one of the LaptopFriendly co-working sessions.

Keep working on your own stuff, but in a fun and inspiring environment that keeps everyone productive.

Coworking = space + drinks

We partner with cafes that satisfy our high standards. The places that we choose are work friendly, have great wifi, ample sockets, and suitable noise levels. You can go there for an entire day and work joyfully!

Pick a time slot for your co-working session.

Find a deal that best suits your needs.

Enjoy the productive and lively working atmosphere in the cafe.

Explore Belgrade

or at +381 64 1513 600 (call, Viber, WhatsApp)

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